First week post-work

It mostly feels like I’m just on vacation, except that I’m no longer checking my work email several times a day. Outlook has been deleted from my phone!

To do list for the next seven weeks:

  • Clean the house and yard.
  • Prep maildrops for next year – a great deal of food has been bought, now I need to organize it all.
  • Pare down my packing list for the car camping part of next year’s travels – what do I really need (or want) to bring, and what is completely unnecessary.
  • Hike increasingly long distances with an increasingly heavy pack – just because the Florida Trail is flat doesn’t mean that it will be easy, especially the first few days going through Big Cypress.
  • Finalize my gear list for the FT – the lighter the pack the less wear and tear on the body, but at the same time I’m not trying to go ultralight.

Spent a good bit of today fiddling with the gear list. I’m using LighterPack to add everything up. I’ve made it to just under 20 lbs for my base weight (excluding water, food, and the clothes on my back) – and that’s still including a bear vault and a massive battery pack.

Why the bear vault? I have no faith in my ability to correctly hang my food bag, and the time spent trying to find an appropriate tree and getting the bag hung is time that could be spent eating, massaging my sore muscles, reading, and sleeping.

Why the absurdly large battery pack? I’ll have my phone, headphones, and watch to charge nightly. I’m going to try to not stay in towns too frequently, and when I’m passing through to pick up food I don’t want to spend time tracking down an outlet and recharging. I’m sure I could get away with something smaller, but for the time being I’m sticking with the one I have.

Here’s the high-level gear breakdown, with the detail over at LighterPack:

Screenshot_2018-11-08 LighterPack

The countdown clock says 48 days until I leave for Florida.

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